Branding and Packaging Suite for 18th Century Paris Herb Shop (PNCA) 

As an exercise in branding as a way of creating an experience, I worked with a ficticious character from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series as the basis for HERBORISTE: an herbalist's shop modeled after that of Maitre Raymond's 18th-century Parisian establishment in the novels. Framing the primary brand principle as "the genially sinister herbalist," I created a hand-drawn and lettered logo and applied it to a suite of materials that might be found in the shop: a range of bottles for tinctures, packets for dried herbs and powders, and even a small vial for poisons.

The project also includes a four-page website, a brochure detailing the uses of several common medicinal plants, and a brand guidelines handbook that also serves as a guide to plant usages, which is stored in a handmade case, sealed with M. Raymond's own wax seal. All elements feature my own plant illustrations.

Herboriste by Liz Gill Neilson